Writing Something

Well I promised to myself that I will write so here I am, writing.

I am currently tied to the bed, I caught some kind of a virus so you could say I have all the time in the world to fill up this pages with anything that crawls up to my mind. So lets see…

Recently I’ve begun making a lot of changes with my life. I moved to a bigger and much nicer apartment with my friend and are currently looking for another roommate. I also gave two of my turtles away to a student at a veterinary university, broke up with my girlfriend, and started throwing away all kind of stuff that I’ve gathered over the years for it would seem no good reason what so ever.

All in all I am trying to live an active life instead of procrastinating everything. A friend of mine even got me running every morning… which is probably where I caught this virus. Well better immunity system long term I suppose : )

Hmm… not sure what else to add, other than that my eyes are burning after staring in the laptop for only couple of minutes hehe
Well I will just go get some good rest and write again soon.