Progress and Fun times

So I haven’t written again in a little while but I have a good excuse.
First of all I got an awesome job in an art museum as a guide which is just amazing and I simply LOVE it there.

Second of all I’ve been running more and more! I don’t have to ask every two minutes for a five minute brake so I could catch some breath. I feel like I am in great shape, I look great, and I feel very happy with my life right now.

I also went to Lady Gaga’s concert recently which was again, just amazing : D Except for the part when we ran out of gas and we had to wait for someone to pick us up so we could get to the gas station. Or the part when we lost each other and couldn’t hear anything over the phone. Or the part when I pretty much got trampled by a crowd… but all in all great experience : D

Oh I nearly forgot the best part! My friend has arachnophobia, which in general is terrible. Especially when you hear random screams in middle of the night and your friend drags you out of your very comfortable bed to deal with it. Anyway, as I was driving back from concert suddenly I heard the most horrifying scream of my life and from fear started swirling all over the road till I managed to stop. I asked my friend what the hell is she screaming for, with complete terror in her eyes she just pointed on a tiny little spider on her pants while shaking around trying to get him off. That little fella really gave us a night to remember.