I’m going to get faaaaat

My new roommate bakes cookies and creates amazing cakes nearly every day!

And its kind of strange because she hates cooking. But she loves making such sweet, delicious things. Not only delicious to be precise, she arranges and decorates them perfectly so the cake looks like its going to be in a magazine. At that point I generally come along and make sure it doesn’t.

When her friends have birthday sometimes she makes several cakes at which point she asks for assistance. At that point our relationship turns to that of a mother and a clumsy child. I never have any idea what am I doing and I always end up messing things up, and eating the ingredients… lots and lots of ingredients.

Well I suppose I am still good for washing the dishes, so I’ve got that going for me. Oh, I just realized I do all the cleaning around the house. I vacuum, I mop the floor, make the bathroom shine, wash the windows…
I would be very upset right now if my belly wasn’t full of sugary joy. I guess I can’t complain since this is pretty much my payment for cleaning duties.

I need to go now, there’s some cake left from two days ago and you know, I can’t let it spoil…