Power of Words

Writing Something

Well I promised to myself that I will write so here I am, writing.

I am currently tied to the bed, I caught some kind of a virus so you could say I have all the time in the world to fill up this pages with anything that crawls up to my mind. So lets see…

Recently I’ve begun making a lot of changes with my life. I moved to a bigger and much nicer apartment with my friend and are currently looking for another roommate. I also gave two of my turtles away to a student at a veterinary university, broke up with my girlfriend, and started throwing away all kind of stuff that I’ve gathered over the years for it would seem no good reason what so ever.

All in all I am trying to live an active life instead of procrastinating everything. A friend of mine even got me running every morning… which is probably where I caught this virus. Well better immunity system long term I suppose : )

Hmm… not sure what else to add, other than that my eyes are burning after staring in the laptop for only couple of minutes hehe
Well I will just go get some good rest and write again soon.

start line

From the start

I spent a long time thinking about how I was going to start this blog off. I really wanted to hit it with a BANG! You know what I mean?

Well, in the months since I registered this name and started thinking about the BANG that I was going to deliver to the internet, I did a grand total of nothing.

Trying to be great was meaning that I wasn’t doing anything at all. I was sitting around trying to be smart and exciting without actually doing anything smart or exciting.

So, I came up with a new game plan – just write.

Just write something.


It doesn’t have to be smart, clever, funny, or exciting. It just has to be something. And you know what? It feels really good. No more procrastination. No more delays. JUST GET IT UP THERE.

I’ve committed to writing at least one thing a week from now on to try and get over the habit of doing nothing. The articles are just going to be things that are happening in my life, nothing amazing, but they will be me talking about what it’s like to grow up as the first generation after the Manhattan Project.

Oh, and for everyone who’s wondering why I chose the name, it’s because Major Leslie Groves was a distant relative of mine and I’ve always had a fascination with the power, beauty, and destruction of nuclear energy.

Thanks for reading! I’ll post more up tomorrow.

So that’s where I am right now – writing something.

Did You Know there are Christmas Trees in Sydney???!?!?!?!?!

I looooove Christmas so much. So much so that when somebody asks me what day it is, my first thought is always, “It is 115 days until Christmas.” Before I finally say, “I have no idea. Probably Wednesday. It never seems to stop being Wednesday…”


So last Wednesday, I was talking to my mom about Christmas plans this year, and I know it seems a little too early but planning it is our favorite part and it gives us an excuse to drink wine alone (technically), and get through this top ten list. I’m on number seven ;)

We got to talking, and my mom brought up how difficult it was to find a decent tree last year. How dad had to drive three hours to some random tree farm (tree farm?) in the middle of nowhere, and buy the last tree from some buck-toothed, wizened old lady who only spoke in rhyme and the letter “e.” For triple the original price I might add. Anyway, blah, blah blah, she went on forever! Until finally she ended it by saying, “I just think it would be easier if we picked up one of those plastic trees this year. What do you think?”

What do I think? What. Do. I. Think? I think not, that’s what I think. But mom was set in her decision, further iterating that dad was getting to old to make such a trip. It was too hard on his back. Now, I love my dad. And it’s true, nowadays whenever he goes in an elevator he comes out winded at the top as if it was he and not a machine that brought him up forty flights.

I hung up the phone determined to find a way to have real pine needles stabbing me in the foot on Christmas morning. So I took to the Internet and after hours of searching, playing Despicable Me and watching Netflix, I came up with the perfect plan. I am going to move to Australia dammit. I found this business called Christmas Tree Man and their amazing website that delivers Christmas trees in Sydney – they install and even decorate too! Although I think I’ll handle the popcorn string. It looks like this Christmas I will be boxing kangaroos for the best fir.


What the Heck is a Monetization Strategy?

I’ve only just realised that blogging is pretty much a huge deal these days. There are people out there making some serious bank out there with their blogs. How did I figure this out? Let me tell you the story. One day I was browsing around facebook and an old friend of mine from high school saw that I had started this blog. He hit me up in the messages and after a little banter (How are you doing?, It’s been so long! You got married!?) etc. We talked a little bit about my blog and then he asked me very matter-of-factly what was my monetization strategy.

My mone-what? He said my monetization strategy. I could detect his impatience through my phone. You know, ads, affiliate products and so on. I said, pretty sheepishly, that I hadn’t given any thought to a monetization strategy for this blog yet. He then replied with “Whaaat?! Dude you are so missing out!!”  Apparently he also has a blog that’s making him quite a bit of money and has decided to flip it for an obscene amount of money. He was definitely on to something. So I did tonnes of research (by tonnes I mean a couple hours of google searching) and I am now an expert on all things internet. Here’s what I learned:

A monetization strategy is pretty much any way you choose to make money from your blog. You can host ads with Google Adsense and make money every time someone clicks on your ads. You could host private ads where people actually pay you for your ad space. You could also sell affiliate products with Clickbank or Amazon. Every time someone clicks through your link and buys something you get a commission. You could also create your own digital or physical products and sell them to people, you collect all the profit. You can be really creative because the possiblities of monetizing your blog are practically endless. If you’ve established a good monetization strategy then you can think about flipping your site, like my friend did.

Site flipping is basically the process of building (or buying an existing) website, improving it and then selling it. I know what you’re thinking, “That sounds a lot like house flipping!” Well it is! You know what they say, a website is like your own little piece of internet real estate.

You’d be surprised at the number of people buying and selling websites, and making a shit-tonne of money in the process. It’s so common in fact, that there are many marketplaces solely for buying and selling websites (and domains).
If you’re someone that enjoys projects, then site flipping may be for you. Not everyone has the patience or inclination to maintain a website for their entire life. They like the thrill! I’m sure it must be pretty exciting to build websites, watch them grow and then sell them for a huge ROI (Return on Investment).

There are also people who may own a website for a while and it may have been their baby, but then their interests evolved or they just got sick of it like my old high-school friend. In any case, many of these people let their websites simply expire, their hard work lost to the ages forever. What a shame. Maybe if they knew about marketplaces like Flippa, they could sell their blog and make a healthy sum, assuming it was monetized. Cha Ching! I’m gonna start using that word alot more lately ;)

While Flippa and other marketplaces are great, sometimes it’s better to sell your website privately through a website broker. Sounds fancy right? They’re like realtors for websites and they earn a commission based on their sales. A website broker will negotiate with a private buyer and come up with a good selling price for your site.

Remember, they earn based on commissions which means that happier you are, the happier they are! This is opposed to auction websites where people are simply trying to get the best deal. If you have spent a great deal of time building your blogs or websites and want to know that you aren’t only getting compensated for the “metrics” of your site, but also the blood, sweat and tears you put in to build a community and a solid recurring income, then going with a website broker is probably your best bet. You can learn all about hiring and working with a website broker from this article.

If you create simple websites, build them just enough to be slightly profitable and have decent statistics, then auction sites may be for you. It’s all down to your personal preference and what works for you as an individual. If so, Flippa is perfect for you and you could make a decent ROI with it.

If you’ve decided that site flipping is something you want to try out, or maybe you just think it’s time to move on from your own blog or online business (hey! It happens!), then I encourage you to do your research and don’t jump in blindly!

Right now for me though, I’m really happy with my little blog. And I’m not sure if I’m ready for any fancy monetizing just yet. If you’re actually reading this, then I’m happy because it means someone is actually spending their time to read my thoughts! Yay me! :) Thanks for visiting! If you have your own blog, let me know your fancy monetization strategy if you have one.


I’m going to get faaaaat

My new roommate bakes cookies and creates amazing cakes nearly every day!

And its kind of strange because she hates cooking. But she loves making such sweet, delicious things. Not only delicious to be precise, she arranges and decorates them perfectly so the cake looks like its going to be in a magazine. At that point I generally come along and make sure it doesn’t.

When her friends have birthday sometimes she makes several cakes at which point she asks for assistance. At that point our relationship turns to that of a mother and a clumsy child. I never have any idea what am I doing and I always end up messing things up, and eating the ingredients… lots and lots of ingredients.

Well I suppose I am still good for washing the dishes, so I’ve got that going for me. Oh, I just realized I do all the cleaning around the house. I vacuum, I mop the floor, make the bathroom shine, wash the windows…
I would be very upset right now if my belly wasn’t full of sugary joy. I guess I can’t complain since this is pretty much my payment for cleaning duties.

I need to go now, there’s some cake left from two days ago and you know, I can’t let it spoil…


Time to upgrade my website?

So I just got a tablet for my birthday and I am having trouble getting used on it. Its some kind of drawing tablet, I like to scribble all kinds of things that pop into my head so its actually really great present idea. Except I’ve no idea how to use it…

I suppose I will just keep at it until I get better, perhaps organize charades and use only tablet to draw on. Or practice my signature so people could actually be able to read it. I would be such a great doctor…

I tried to use it to upgrade this site but it didn’t get me very far.. I was going through this guide on how to make a website looking for tips to make this site really good and every time I tried to open a new page, I accidentally closed the whole browser down! I’m so useless some times.

Speaking of technology I got to drive around a huge remotely controlled airplane yesterday. It was rather scary and I was afraid I am going to crash it, but I kept flying around and it was a ton of fun… until I crashed it. I currently don’t have enough money to buy or perhaps fix it somehow so I will visit my friend today, bring a duct tape with me and my biggest puppy eyes. He have a great sense of humor so hopefully all will go as planed.

In general I am a technological dumb ass. Sometimes I cannot find something on this insanely complicated TV so I go disturb my neighbors kids to do it for me. It makes me a great person as their parents thank me for spending quality time with them. I am such a lovely lass.


Progress and Fun times

So I haven’t written again in a little while but I have a good excuse.
First of all I got an awesome job in an art museum as a guide which is just amazing and I simply LOVE it there.

Second of all I’ve been running more and more! I don’t have to ask every two minutes for a five minute brake so I could catch some breath. I feel like I am in great shape, I look great, and I feel very happy with my life right now.

I also went to Lady Gaga’s concert recently which was again, just amazing : D Except for the part when we ran out of gas and we had to wait for someone to pick us up so we could get to the gas station. Or the part when we lost each other and couldn’t hear anything over the phone. Or the part when I pretty much got trampled by a crowd… but all in all great experience : D

Oh I nearly forgot the best part! My friend has arachnophobia, which in general is terrible. Especially when you hear random screams in middle of the night and your friend drags you out of your very comfortable bed to deal with it. Anyway, as I was driving back from concert suddenly I heard the most horrifying scream of my life and from fear started swirling all over the road till I managed to stop. I asked my friend what the hell is she screaming for, with complete terror in her eyes she just pointed on a tiny little spider on her pants while shaking around trying to get him off. That little fella really gave us a night to remember.